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How Whiteboard animation is the next big thing

Human Beings are naturally drawn to visual content and it’s the main reason why Videos, Images and Infographics are the super used tools in the business world. This innate trait of Mankind has what led to the creation of the most important furniture in everybody’s home nowadays i.e. TV.

Whiteboard animation simple explained is a video composed of drawing and sketching on a whiteboard with an aid of software. They are also known as video scribing or personalized videos because you can always tailor the content according to the script. This video tactic has already created a buzz in the business world and is largely considered by many experts as the “Next Big thing in video Marketing” and this article will show you why it has been labeled as such

1. Simple and Fun to Create
Whiteboard animation is simple and fun to create. The liberty to create whatever you want and anyway you want is what makes whiteboard animation so fascinating. However, not all softwares give you this leverage. Whiteboard animation is normally costly and complex but if you

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Whiteboard animation
2. More compelling than traditional videos
However simple whiteboard animation may sound, its’ impact is substantial with maximum user interaction. It has been observed that whiteboard animation videos have 15% more interaction rate than standard video. The animated characters, interesting plot and two dimensional illustrations are some of the main factors which allure people to watch a whiteboard animation video. Ever wondered why Cartoons fascinated you?


3. Excellent for Business Sales:
This is the end-result of all the above benefits of whiteboard animation. Increasing in brand awareness, Sales and hence Profits. Personalized videos allow you to specifically propagate a Call to action message and because of the unlimited scope and freedom; whiteboard animation acts as an ultimate Sales generating tool. You just need to do one thing: Use a good script, leave the rest on the video itself. That’s’ why whiteboard animation is the most trending tool for online marketing

whiteboard video sales

4. Can effectively Promote an idea:
Not just business, you can use this handy tool to promote an idea or message and it can also act as an educational medium, e.g. Public service campaign for benefits of exercise, educating children about benefits of washing hands etc.

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